Friday, July 18, 2014

FREE Access to Over 400 Art Videos!

Artistsnetwork TV is offering a FREE four day pass to view the wonderful videos on their site.
I've taken advantage of this offer a couple of times before and always enjoy the wide selection of art related workshops.

Try it out!
I do not receive any compensation from the site, I just think it's a great deal.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


I took one of the monoprints that I didn't really like and screen printed the (hand drawn) design on it.
The screen print image is the stitching guide as well.

You can see several painted layers on the fabric - magnolia leaves (in white).
The orange-ish portion was from a vine in our yard.
I rolled a transparent blue paint onto the plate then placed the vine stem onto the gelli plate.  I then removed the stem before pulling the print.

I drew out a design that I saw on a kleenex box, then created a thermofax screen out of it.
I screen printed it onto the top of the fabric surface.
It's in white, well light grey now that I think about it.
It is also under the red thread. I used it as a stitching guide.
Boy, did it make the hand stitching easier!

And just for grins, here is the back of the fabric.
I love the way the design looks that way as well.

It's just an experiment at this point.
It may or may not go into another piece.
Either way I am enjoying the meditative action of pulling thread.

Friday, July 4, 2014

More Monoprinting

Here are a few more monoprints from my two day session.
These are not color blocked as in the last post.
Again, I continue to use BOLD colors instead of my familiar muted color palette.
I think that I have about 6-7 layers on most of them...not enough on some pieces and too many on others!

This one in particular -

You can see in the bottom of the photo that there is at least three layers of all over color on it(albeit similar).
(as an aside, I use transparent fabric paint)
There is another 5 layers of images that were added via screenprinting, stamping or a similar method.
I really liked it better before I added the last layer of color from top to bottom.
But I can go back in an lighten it up later.

This fabric measures about 17 x 12. I work both sides separately
As one side dried, I printed on the other side.

This is the back of a different piece of fabric. I forgot to
photograph the front side!
But you can tell the color is awesome!

A close-up of the back

Even though this "only" has three layers, it is one of my favorite pieces.
I love the color combo as well as the shapes/etc.

This isn't really dark at the bottom. It's a shadow.
I love, love the color combination. I screenprinted
the (hand drawn) poppy on the gelli plate before
pulling the print. as well as the Queen Anne's Lace in
the upper right hand corner.

You can see the stamped flower on the right hand side
of the fabric in this shot. I love all of the subtle
shapes in this type of surface design.
I may post more if I get a chance.
I really must get to some "house" type work!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Monoprinting on Fabric

I've spent a couple of days monoprinting on fabric, using my Gelli Plate (love it!).

I have the 8 x 10" plate so I usually cut my fabric a little larger.
Some time ago I had signed up for Carla Sonheim's Gelli Plate Printmaking online workshop.
It's a self directed class at this time but was originally set up as a 1 week class.
There are only three videos but, wow, what awesome videos they are!

I don't take a lot of online workshops (mainly because I have been sooo disappointed in most of them) but this class is well work the money (only $25!).
I've been printmaking with my Gelli Plate for a couple of years but I had never thought about it in the way that Carla teaches it.
I watched the videos again to refresh my memory (you get unlimited viewing time!) as well as to get some inspiration before setting up.
I spent the morning printing away.
Here's a peek at what I did.
I may use these as they are or I may decide to add a few more layers.

I will mention this before I post the photos.
I usually work in a more muted color palette - lots of cream, white, black, tan and rust.
I am challenging myself to work in a more colorful palette.
What you will see below is a direct reflection of that challenge. I must say I am loving it!

 Most of these pieces measure 9 x 12 inches. Since I am layering the prints it is easy to make them any size you want (not just the size of the Gelli Plate).
As I said before, I may or may not print more layers on top of these...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Small Works

3.5 x 5 inches

I seem to be obsessed with trout.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


If our artwork is a reflection of what is going on in our lives or what we spend our time doing,
what do you think I've been doing with my summer-time?

Brook Trout 

I did take a bit of artistic license with it...and Photoshop license with the one above!
The following two are of the same fish (duh) but I've done a little touch-up on the second one.

This is really my "practice" fish painting (acrylic).
As is my usual MO, I draw and paint several of whatever I am working on in my sketchbook to familiarize myself with the subject.
Then I pull out a canvas or whatever I am going to paint the "real" one on.
I will use this painting for something just remains to be seen what will come of it.

The only plan that I do have is to draw/paint all of the three trout species that we have around here- Brook, Brown and the ever lovely Rainbow.
Actually, I think that the Brookie is the most beautiful one.
But the Brown does have those great orange dots on the side...

Ahhh, they are all beautiful to me.
In paint and in the river.

I hope that you all are enjoying your summer-time!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

"Forest Symphony"

I forgot to post photos of the other piece of artwork that I created for the Pages magazine.

It's a triptych that I made out of canvas, plaster, molding paste, natural items, lines from poems about trees and nature as well as acrylic paint, watercolor paint and maybe a few other things that I can't think of right now.

It was fun project that allowed me to use some of the tree bark, sticks and leaves that I have collected through the years.
The blog header that I have up right now (as of this writing) shows a small area of one of the panels.

"Forest Symphony"

(reverse side)
"Forest Symphony"

I love the crazy amount of texture that you can get with plaster and molding paste.
Here's a few close-ups.

I haven't actually had the magazine in my hands but I can't wait to see what they did with the photography!

Here's a link so you can check out all of the other fantastic articles they have.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Map Art Lab

Hold the presses!

Did you know that Jill Berry (along with her sister Linden McNeilly) has a new book out?

Yep, a wonderfully creative, awesome, fun yet totally usable lab art book entitled "Map Art Lab".
(say that fast three times)

The book is separated into 7 units that include a total of 52 map making labs or projects.
That's right...I said 52 projects.
One for each and every week of the year.

The units include -(some words copied directly from the unit descriptions in the book)

Map Basics- There are eight projects inside this unit that will teach you how to make cartographic components that will decorate your map.

Map Magic- You will explore creating map elements using ordinary materials. There are seven projects and one extra feature (making a pop-up and folded map)

Flat Maps-You will learn how to take elements of flat maps- line, form and color- in new directions. You will learn how to deepen your experiences as you play with color and pattern.
You'll also find eight projects and a featured mapper (not to be confused with a mapmaker that raps)(that would be a rapping mapper or a map making rapper, right?).

Mixed Media Maps- This unit includes seven projects that will hopefully open your eyes to the unusual materials that maps can be made from as well as a featured mapper (or multiple mappers in this case).

Personal Maps- Most maps ARE personal maps as they tell a story but this section is full of eight different map labs that take a stroll down memory lane or tell of a personal experience.
I am honored to have a map in this section called "The Journey Of You And Me".
It's a map of the journey of the romance of my husband and I, via the places that we lived, that lead us to the home that we live in now.
It's a smallish map (10" x 10") with lots of tiny details.
Evidently I have a problem leaving out details in a 2"x2" drawing...

 For all of you Clemson fans out there, look at Tillman Hall in the upper right-hand corner. The original drawing is about 3" x 2.5". I did leave out many details but it's still full of teeny tiny windows...

I love that the color in the book is as bright as the original is. Upon closer inspection, I saw that all of the colored maps in the book have great color clarity as well.

Cartographic Projects- This unit is all about creating projects out of pre-printed maps. There are seven projects (or labs) that include book making, jewelry, sculptures, mail art and collage. There is a quest mapper as well that uses  pre-printed maps to create the most amazing 3D sculptures.
It's a must see section!

Inspired By Artists- Imagine being surrounded by the people that you admire the most: artists, musicians, storytellers, relatives, and historians. You gather them in a village and they teach you everything that you want to learn. In this case, artists inhabit the village, and after we construct a place for them to reside, we will go about learning how each of them might fashion a map.
She has included seven different artists in this unit.

Jill and Linden have also included a page of resources as well as a page about the contributors.

I love that they used many young mappers work in the book!

This would be a fantastic tool in the classroom as well as for families.
Hell, this book would be an awesome resource for anyone interested in map making!

You MUST go now and buy this book!
There is NO OTHER book out there like it, I promise you.

Jill Berry has done it again (along with sis Linden McNeilly) .
They have created a one of a kind book in this day that we see a lot of copycat books.

I truly feel that Jill has a pure and authentic artistic voice that shines through in her work and this book proves that once again...

Monday, May 19, 2014

I'm a Cover Girl!

This is the newest Pages magazine from Interweave (Issue 5) and that is my artwork on the cover.
How exciting is that??
You should hop over and grab a copy. The photo on the buy site has the wrong magazine but I'll bet you'll get the Pages 5 issue.

I actually have not one, but two articles in this issue.
The Artful Niche (above) and an article about creating a triptych with plaster, canvas, molding paste and natural items. It's a beautiful stand-alone piece that was created using snippets of poems about trees as well as small stems and leaves from regional trees in the Southeastern US (where I reside).

You should buy it and leave a glowing review about my articles so that they will want me to write more of them (lol).
I'll bet that the rest of the articles are awesome as well.
I do love this magazine since it focuses on handmade books, the pages of these books as well as other artful and creative projects.

Now let's have a glass of champagne to celebrate (even if it is 0900 am)!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Screen Printing Fabric

I created (what I thought) was a faux marble drawing, then made a thermofax screen out of it.
The photos above show my sample prints on cotton jersey (with a tiny bit of lycra in it).

I liked it, very much actually, so I proceeded to print the entire piece of fabric. My plan is to use it to make a shirt or tunic. Or use parts of it on a couple of shirts...I'll make good use of it for sure.

Here are a few shots of the yardage after it dried.

I love the areas where the paint left ghost prints! I don't know
if you can tell on the photo but in person, it is just beautiful.

I heat set it but now, according to the instructions for Pro Chem fabric paint, I have to wait 2 weeks to launder! I usually do not wash the fabric that I screen print as it is mainly for fiber art.
And, yes, I had to write it in on the calendar so I wouldn't forget...

My son suggested that I use this base for a 3D print- adding the appropriate blue and a little green. I'll bet it would look great but I will have to pass this time around. Sounds like too much work for me.
It would be cool to have a 3D shirt though...I'd have to carry around my 3D glasses for people to look through.
That might be a cool rainy day project to keep in mind (says the woman that had to write herself a reminder to launder fabric in 2 weeks).

I am also working on several other screens to create one of a kind yardage for making clothing.
I will try to get some photos as I create it.